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DDS Acid-Balance Biological Electrotherapy

$288.00 $138.00 1 hour

Free: DDS 32 Chinese Herbal Medicine Volcanic Mud Mask

酸碱平32种中草药火山泥疗膏 1次 $188


Product Description

DDS is a pH level bio-electrical electro-therapy penetration technique with anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect on the body and involves no pain, no injection, no surgery. DDS Biological Electrotherapy help human cells in the body repair and regenerate itself with the combination of traditional massage such as acupuncture, cupping and gua sha but with a modern technique that can rapidly open up the meridians thereby activating the nerve, muscle tissues and body cells to improve body ventilation, moisture and clear the meridians.

DDS biological electro-therapy balances out our body pH level and has proven to eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation, regulate digestion and lose weight.



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