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Slim Shape Advanced Treatment

In general views, “Cellulite” will be found only in the body of people who is fat. In fact, cellulite will also be found in people who appear to be slim and fit. “They” normally appear in the arm, thigh, abdomen and waist.

When we are lack of sleep, poor diet, life stress, coupled with age, deteriorating health, affecting the excretion and circulatory function, this time the accumulation of fat cells cannot filter out toxins and impurities to form a “honeycomb adipose tissue (Cellulite) .”

A complete range of breakthrough slimming products, made according to human body biology combined with advanced slimming technology. Effectively dredge blood vessels drainage, discharge body waste and improve “Fats Memory”, get rids of cellulites without starving yourself, taking pills and injection!

Slim Contour

Without being noticed, our body begin to gain weight from as early as 25 years old. The human body will endlessly produce chemical waste which is toxic which is required to be eliminated from the body. While aging, every woman undergo menopause, hormone imbalance, etc. that can lead to obesity, muscle pains, sensitive skin or even ailment.

Slim contour effectively tightens body contour by controlling fat production which reduces sagging skin. Advance effectiveness and high efficiency body slimming range with NO Rebound!


Body RF Slimming

Designed to accelerate metabolism to take away decomposition of fat thereby removing stubborn fat while improving the adequate absorption state of diet products. It can also improve the state of areolar tissue, enhance blood circulation and reduce the cellulite present in any part of your body.

Ultrasonic Slimming Treatment

Strong sound wave explosion of 40KHZ emitted to vibrate and remove fat cells in the body helping to reform the body into a firmer condition and helps to tighten sagging and flabby skin.

Cool Sculpting Treatment

Cool Sculpting Treatment

Cool Sculpting Treatment is a non-surgical fat-reduction treatment. The treatment uses handheld device that safely delivers controlled cooling to gently and effectively eliminate unwanted fats – without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue. The procedure freezes fat cells to let them pass away. Over time, your body naturally processes the fat and removes these dead cells, leaving a more sculpted body. The Cool Sculpting procedure is done with no surgery or downtime. Proven, safe, and effective.